i am

chaos    in an empty street


of a few blind birds 
i am 

an open road

a howling vein on your

bleeding bark
i am 

an empty road

gasp again. 


7 thoughts on “i am

  1. All roads to lead to nowhere
    All roads lead to Rome.
    A man simply looks for a woman who is his Rome.
    When he finds his Rome
    There are no roads to Rome for other men.
    He fights to the death for his Rome.

    Of course, I am considerably more violent
    than most men regarding such matters.

    It’s what God would want.

    We chatted about it during our 1-on1 this morning.
    I told him it was the right thing.


  2. I am an open road now. My past was a road laden with horror no one should experience. Now though, working to free myself from those burdens, I move forward wondering what lies ahead.


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