A few tough lives


He is that man

running away

Receding into

that lost space

And very soon

he’ll dissipate



The only person

you thought

You had

Will become a

glaring reminder

That you

Were always alone


And you

For daughter of

Ever drifting tears

And mother of

Paralyzing fears

Will soon embrace

That you

Were always alone



37 thoughts on “A few tough lives

  1. Poignant poem. I read your profile and I feel for you. I too have PTSD along with a gamut of health issues. Thank you for liking a post on my blog. It gave me the opportunity to find yours. I hope we get to know each other and that my posts encourage you. You speak from the deepest waters of your heart.

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    1. When I joined WordPress, it never occurred to that I would actually find people who know exactly what I go through. Reading your work gives me peace. And I’ll say, it makes me feel that opening a blog has been a great decision for me

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  2. This was such an incredible read. Especially towards the end, where the idea of being alone didn’t (at least to me) come through as something to be pitied. But something, instead, to be celebrated.
    Thank you for this poem!

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      1. Yes; I like the confluence of elements in the architecture and design of that place: the stone, wood, paved walking areas. It reminds me, actually, of a space in Be’er Sheva. Then, I like the lighting and composition of the shot — everything is in it’s “perfect” placement, as random as that is.

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