How to write a beautiful poem

1. Stop looking for “how to write a beautiful poem” sort of posts. 

2. Let the ink touch parts of you that no one has before. Let it open you up, caress your skin, harden your bones and soften your soul. 

3. Remember that every one is a poet. Our poetry is just confined by our need for conformity.


84 thoughts on “How to write a beautiful poem

    1. It’s a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? To be able to think outside the little box you’ve been forced in. It’s true. That’s poetry. No form and no conventions.


  1. Thanks for this. I think I’ve written eleven poems in my life, ten of which I dared post to my WordPress website. I’ve written hundreds of songs, though. There’s a big difference between lyrics and poetry that a lot of people deny.

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    1. Well to me, there is a difference but not a fundamental one. Poetry is completely without form, while lyrics are constructed within the breadth of the tune. So there is a difference, but they’re boundaries aren’t insulated from one another

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      1. Along those lines, yes. Many poems are lyrical and many lyrics are poetic. But lyrics and poetry are not the same thing. I’m not a poet, but I am a lyricist.


  2. short, powerful and to the point … most apt – so true, write for yourself for for the world – you are you most intimate and personal audience – writing poems is part of my healing process and journey ๐Ÿ™‚

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